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Paying High Commissions!!!

If you’re thinking of Selling your Home and List with any company other than Century 21 LAKE REALTY, you may be paying more Commission than necessary.

Dear Homeowner,

Century 21 LAKE REALTY is a proven full service Real Estate Company dedicated to giving you the best possible Service when Selling your Home. Over the past 23 years we have found it beneficial and sometimes necessary to negotiate our commission in order to make a sale happen. We have found that when a Homeowner decides to Sell, He / She want to do so quickly and would like to pay as little a Commission as possible, but are usually faced with paying 5-6-7%, not knowing that the Commission is supposed to be negotiable between the Seller and Broker. Consequently, we offer the following Flexible Commission Plan*: 5 - 4 - 2% !!!

1. When your Home is Listed with Century 21 LAKE REALTY, and then another Agency brings the Buyer, a so-called Co-Broke, a 5% Commission is charged. 3% is paid to LAKE REALTY the Listing Agency and 2% is paid to the Selling Agency. Less than 20% of our Listings sell through a Co-Broke. The procedures as stated below are followed.

2. When your Home is Listed and Sold through Century 21 LAKE REALTY, a 4% Commission is charged, 80+% of our Listings we sell in House. The procedures as stated below are followed.

3. When you List your Home with Century 21 LAKE REALTY and you, the Seller, refers the Buyer to us, a 2% Commission is charged, normally you would pay the full commission. This rewards you for your efforts, and the procedures as stated below are followed.


1. Your Home will be Listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Which means Hundreds of Brokers and their Associates will have access to the information about your Home and we will show it to the buyers with whom they are working.

2. A comprehensive Marketing Plan which includes more sources of Advertising than any other agency handling the area. The printed media sources include; T&G, the Home Source, the Catalog of Homes, the South County Advertiser, the Blackstone Valley Weekender, the Wick-qua-boag, the News, and the Auburn News. The Internet (World Wide Web) sources include; www.century21lakerealty.com, www.websterlake.netwww.century21.com, www.realtor.com, www.snap.com, and www.msn.com, and as we see necessary. We will Show, by Appointment, all those who Qualify.

3. We will hold an Open House, both for Brokers and Buyers, at your option. You, the Seller, may also hold your own Open House, we will provide the Signs and the information sheets about the Home, including current Financing, for the potential Buyers.

4. We will negotiate the Contract; help arrange, attend and follow up on all Inspections; monitor the Financing and help coordinate the Closing.

* The Flexible Commission Plan, 5 - 4 - 2%, requires a minimum 6 month Exclusive Right to sell Contract. Any other company offering the same is copying Our Lead and not Leading the Way.


Century21 LAKE REALTY helping to make your Property more Marketable!!!